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Will they finish what they started? College girls, alcohol, confused emotions and questioning sexual preferences. Hidden sadness by I-dare-you-run reviews Beca is having a hard time convincing herself that she is enough for Chloe, or deserving of her love. I would advise reading that one before this. Very small, sad revenge but it's something. Beca and Chloe moved in together and their first week in their house a snowstorm hits, leaving them with no electricity. Will they be able chloe catherine lesbian love making each other? When it all came crashing down a second time she left never looking back. Taste That Your Lips Allow by stormiscomingin reviews Beca has been in remission for six months and is now attending Barden University to see what it's like in the real world. Now her chloe catherine lesbian love making is lost to her, and she may never be able to find her.

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