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How Do you Pee in your Wedding Dress?

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Pubs aren't the ideal place for children but surely a loo emergency is the exception! How to you pee in your wedding dress? If that's the case, ideally go to your room if you have one at the venue, or find a cubical with a clean floor and have your bridesmaids on hand to help you get back into it. Lots of brides find it easier and more modest! When a kid's gotta go, they gotta go! And well, it stopped us in our tracks, how exactly DO you pee in a wedding dress? Great lesson there Pops, they couldn't have been that far from home FFS. Your bridesmaids are your best pals, you've been through it all together, and they're down to assist you on your big day, whatever you need! Scared, confused, hen party piss stop this whole marriage lark? So there's no two ways hen party piss stop it, we can't skirt around the issue get it?

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