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Creates a Stable Surface for Topcoats Once cured, sand lightly until smooth, then apply coating. Not finding the right answers on Google? At the first glance, it certainly penetrates deep especially in first mins, and the wood becomes composite. Even our favorite products, the ones we'd come to rely on, had room for improvement. The surface does not penetrate water anymore. I've never personally worked with fiberglass or epoxy construction, but I have a chemical engineering degree and access to alot of expensive products unattainable to an average consumer so it takes alot for something to impress me like this. No noxious fumes, and can also be used as an effective moisture barrier for bare wood. An example of which is Germanium coated MLI used for antenna sunshields and which provide Microwave penetration fiberglass protection in case of microwave penetration fiberglass made of dielectric materials as well as microwave penetration fiberglass against sun radiations. Choose Regular or Cold Weather Penetrating Epoxy Formulas You can prevent rot, but you can't control the weather, so our clear penetrating epoxy sealer comes in two formulas that ensure success in a range of temperatures.


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