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Your Parents Vs. Your Dreams

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My only aspiration now is that they accept me as I am and that they are sure I love them and I will be there whenever they really need me. Hiashi becomes this for his children, mainly Hinata, once he forms the father fucking extremely young daughter that Naruto doesn't take his studies as seriously as Hinata is expected to do with hers. But ultimately with my mum insisting and saying that she will take care of the baby, we left the Son 8 months old with my mum and left for the UK. Most extreme example in After Story, where he became rather enraged at the prospect of Tomoya having sex with Nagisa despite them being married already. Therefore, all she could think of was this bitterness. In a totally unexpected twist of events, mum supported dad and stayed with him, but still wanted to somehow support me. I did this on my own, but in the beginning with the help from my mom. Sorry if this was long! Dang it, they even chose the college I go to. Accountants make father fucking extremely young daughter more money!

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